About WIRE2017

WIRE 2017 mission

To stimulate socially responsible research and innovation of digitalisation for regional development and to understand its societal impact using synergies between different EU policies to support economic, social and territorial cohesion. In other words: To understand and stimulate the positive societal and economic impact of digital R&I on EU regions and its people and on building a creative, social and trusted region.

The concept of WIRE2017

The WIRE’17 will be based on building inspiration and trust in digital innovation with significant and positive societal impact on region and people. The WIRE’17 will be built on synergic and interconnected pillars and themes. The audience will be confronted in interactive and participatory ways with best practices, trends & visions and societal impact issues within following issues:

  • Strengthening the socially responsible research and innovation in digitalisation and new skills (jobs and growth)
  • Enhancing the social impact and the potential of digital innovation for societal benefits
  • Strengthening the impact of digitalisation in rural areas
  • Increasing awareness for the need of regional actions to stimulate positive societal impact of digitization
  • Enhancing the efficiency of public administration through digital public innovation
  • The Widening context for spreading excellent science and increasing potential of participation through existing cases
  • To support utilization of creativity and science&art for achieving trusted and successful up-take of breakthrough innovation and inspirational conference space


WIRE2017 objectives

  • understand the rapid dynamics and the evolution of digitalization in line with economic (market) pressures and social needs
  • learn from successful innovative practices and allow exchanges on practices among EU regional stakeholders
  • support dialogue across quadruple helix stakeholders (policy makers, industry, academia and citizens)
  • to reflect on the post 2020 agenda and the synergies from the linkage between FP9, Cohesion and S3


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