Pia Areblad

    Pia Areblad is one of the most experienced persons in Europé when it comes to develop artistic interventions in organisations. She founded and developed TILLT and led the organization between 2001 and 2010. Under her leadership TILLT carried out more than 100 year-long artistic interventions and around 500 shorter. The aim with the interventions is to strengthen the capacity of innovation in organizations. Pia is an often used speaker and has since 2007 given workshops and speeches in over 25 countries.

    She has been advisor to several European Capitals of Culture such as Pilsen2015 and Leeuwarden2018 . She has also partaken in a couple of think tanks organized by the European commission. In August 2014 Pia entered the role as Head of Corporate development-Business manager in Ale – ten minutes outside Gothenburg on the west coast in Sweden.

    In this role she builds upon her experience of artist-driven innovation and uses it to build the foundation of the business development in Ale. During 2017 she is leading the process to develop an economic plan for Gothenburg.