Stanislav Kmeť

    Prof. Ing. Stanislav Kmeť, CSc., Rector of Technical University of Košice

    Stanislav Kmeť was born on 6th March 1957 in Přerov. He Graduated with honours from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Košice Technical College where he defended his dissertation in 1989. In 1992 he was habilited by the Assoc. Prof. Degree. In 2000 he was inaugurated the Professor degree in the field of Theory and Construction of Engineering Structures. During his career at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, prof. Kmeť has held the following positions: Deputy Head of the Department of Steel and Timber Structures, Vice-Dean for International Relations and Scientific Education, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Vice-Rector for Development at TUKE (1994-1997).

    He is author and co-author of 4 books, 65 scientific and professional papers in domestic and international journals, more than 140 articles in scientific and professional conference proceedings, 36 projects that have been carried out, (among the most significant is the design and project of the statics of the unique bearing structure of Steel Arena stadium in Košice), and 50 expertise works and reports for industry.

    He is member of workgroup of the international organization for monocoque and space structures, Vice-president and statutory representative of European Scientific Society for Roof Structures Research, Chairman and member of Board of Examiners of the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers for authorization and verification of professional abilities of Civil Engineers, Member of the Council of Slovak Society for Steel Structures and other domestic and international committees, societies and organizations, member of editorial boards of several domestic and international journals, e.g. . Building Research Journal, Pollack Periodica – An International Journal for Engineering and Information Sciences.