Wearable brooch

Wearable brooch

We have prepared a responsive wearable hardware to collect and visualize your current interest, your opinion about digital tools that should be fostering the development of societal digital innovation in your opinion and your general opinion about the digital future of Europe.

If you are wondering what’s that wearable brooch is and how it works You are at the right place.

You were equipped with a wearable hardware that will change its light according to your preference and it can change during the whole event. Its main purpose is to connect people from all sectors around at the event networking possibilities.

You will have at least two time the chance to adjust your preferences.

The system works as follows:

2nd Round

- during the open space session you will be informed by the moderator to access the application through the link specified below once again

- you are asked to allocate some funds to digital tools provided

- once again the colour will be adjusted according to your allocation

- now you can start networking with people that have the opinion that you do


3rd Round

- If everything will go well on Friday you will be asked to make another choice of yours through the application

- now you have to select who should “solve” the digital future in Europe.

- according to your pick the LED will light in specified colour.

- final networking is awaiting


The hardware should be able to operate for up to 36 hours. We would like to kindly ask you to return the hardware to a specified bin after the conference. If you would have any issues regarding the hardware or application do not hesitate to contact our staff.

WIRE 2017 team

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